Alconbury Community Flood Watch

Client:Environment Agency
Date:Feb 02, 2018

Meteor have recently completed the installation of a pair of real time MCE-MRC cameras to monitor water levels at Alconbury and Alconbury Weston. This was completed on behalf of local residents to provide visibility of sensitive flood features and the Environment Agency to aid their operational teams.
The cameras deliver high quality, real time images every 60 minutes over 3G/GPRS. Images are hosted at the Meteor Data Centre and viewed via a secure web portal. This is available to the local community using any web device (smartphone, tablet, PC). Extra images can be requested by pressing a button on the website, and the cameras can be set to acquire more frequent images during storm events. To view the cameras click here.
Both cameras were installed in a few hours, utilising existing lamp post infrastructure, so minimising the impact and cost of the installation. Fitted with long range lens units and high power IR illumination these units produce a clear, accurate image 24/7. This gives both the Environment Agency and local residents the opportunity to view local conditions in real time and react appropriately.
With low power consumption, no scheduled maintenance requirement and low cost of installation and operation Meteor MCE-MRC cameras are a cost effective way of providing high quality real time images from flood risk locations. With the Meteor web portal all stakeholders can view and request images at any time, with no specialist software required.