Evenlode Catchment Monitoring

Client:Atkins Global
Date:Feb 23, 2017

The Evenlode Catchment Management Project has established a programme of ultra high resolution water quality monitoring to support catchment management initiatives in the River Evenlode.  Atkins Global provide the overall project lead, with Meteor Communications providing a complete monitoring package for the project.

The requirements of the monitoring programme were:

• Real time monitoring of Ammonium, Turbidity, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature
• Real time monitoring of River Level, weather conditions and Rainfall
• Monthly calibration / sonde changeover regime
• Event driven triggering of autosamplers based on flow / weather
• Fortnightly spot sampling and laboratory sample analysis

Three sub-catchments of the Evenlode were selected for monitoring: Westcote Brook, Bledington Stream and Longborough Stream.

On each sub-catchment a real-time monitoring station has been deployed, returning data every 30 minutes to a secure web portal.  The system consists of three real time monitoring stations and a total of nine monitoring locations.

Meteor work closely with Atkins Global to provide a complete monitoring solution including:

• Site Survey with Atkins consultant, local landowners and stakeholders to agree monitoring locations and discuss the
monitoring programme
• Assembly and test of monitoring systems prior to deployment
• Installation of monitoring system
• Provision of real time data view web portal with optional hyperlinks for stakeholder engagement
• Monthly sonde changeovers, with calibrate Environment Agency NLS laboratories
• Daily data integrity checks and data analysis
• Proactive alerts to the client of events, and resolution of issues

This monitoring service is being provided as a comprehensive lease package.  A fixed monthly fee gives access to a complete field to desktop service.

All service and analysis fees were agreed in advance for all aspects of the monitoring regime to provide a proactive yet manageable solution to event triggered sampling, providing Atkins Global with a known cost at the outset.

Meteor provided all of the monitoring equipment, site field resources and data hosting for the project, creating a one stop shop for all aspects of the monitoring programme.  With a dedicated project manager there is a single point of contact for all stakeholders.

The system was deployed in October 2016 and has been returning high quality, high resolution data to establish a baseline for the catchment works.  In addition auto-sampler runs have been triggered based on rainfall and flow events in the catchment, to start characterising the catchment.